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Alex DavidHey there, welcome to Great Tech Tips! I’m Alex David, the founder and owner of this site. I started Great Tech Tips because I found the troubleshooting guides available online were low quality, incomplete and often just plain wrong.

My friends and family call me every time they need help troubleshooting their tech. Why do they call me? Well, I’ve spent 15 years working in tech. I know how to fix computers, phones, printers, streaming services, TVs and routers when they aren’t working.

I figured more people need their own Alex to call. So, I started writing out my troubleshooting advice and putting it all online. A few hundred articles later, and here we are!

When I write guides, I write them like one of my family members or friends reached out to me directly. I write them like we’re not in the same room, but over the phone, and I need to be extra precise with how I describe what to do. And since technology moves quickly, I carefully update my guides so they’re constantly up to date based on new technology, consumer trends and reader suggestions.

My mission

Great Tech Tips seeks to help everyone, especially non-technical people, solve their troubleshooting challenges in the fastest and easiest way possible. I want this website to be a technical and trusted resource to help you quickly fix your tech challenges and get back to living.

Editorial guidelines

All content on this website is professionally written, edited and fact checked to ensure the information is clear, holistic, concise and accurate.

At the end of every article, I ask if the guide was helpful and how it can be improved. I use these user ratings as one of the primary indicators to understand if I’m succeeding in my mission.

If you ever have suggestions for how I can improve an article or section of the website, please send me an email directly to [email protected].

Thanks for reading!

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