Does Aerie take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay — a digital wallet that revolutionized the way we transact by eliminating the hassle of physical cash and credit cards — was introduced in 2014. As the popularity of Apple Pay surged, an increasing number of businesses adopted the payment method. It paved the way for more efficient, secure and convenient transactions.

Aerie, the go-to destination for women who prioritize comfort and body positivity, offers a wide range of clothing and lingerie options. But, does the popular retailer accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay: A Mobile Wallet for the Modern Age

Apple Pay is a digital payment service that leverages the power of mobile technology and encryption to provide users with a secure and seamless transaction experience. By using their iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches, users can complete transactions with a simple tap, enabled by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The payment method is widely considered as one of the safest. Plus, it’s accepted at thousands of merchants globally. To complete a payment, users hold their Apple device near a contactless reader, and confirm the payment through Touch ID or Face ID.

Aerie and Apple Pay: A Match Not Yet Made in Heaven

Aerie does not accept Apple Pay, either in-store or through its mobile app. Customers will have to rely on traditional payment options, like credit card, debit card, or old-fashioned cash. Seriously though, who still uses cash? Although this may come as a disappointment to Apple Pay users, Aerie provides a wide range of payment options, both online and in-store.

For those who want to enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay, the payment method is still available at other merchants who accept it. To use Apple Pay in-store, simply hold your Apple device near the contactless reader and confirm the payment through Touch ID or Face ID. On an iPad, you can complete the transaction with Face ID or by entering your passcode.

The Aerie app doesn’t support Apple Pay as a payment method. Customers will need to use a traditional payment method such as a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Final Word

Aerie’s stance on Apple Pay is clear – the retailer does not accept the payment method. Nevertheless, Aerie provides a wide range of other payment options to choose from, both online and in-store. The retailer’s commitment to body positivity and comfort is what sets it apart from other clothing retailers and offers customers a unique shopping experience.

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