Does Meijer take Apple Pay?

Hi friends, Alex here! Today we’re talking about one of the most important questions for all you shoppers out there – does Meijer accept Apple Pay? Well, the answer is YES! Now, let’s delve deeper into the vast sea of knowledge and explore more about Meijer and Apple Pay.

Meijer is a Midwestern chain of hypermarkets, which means that they offer an enormous variety of products that will cater to all your shopping needs, including groceries, electronics, apparel, and even automotive services!

Does Meijer take Apple Pay?

Meijer has been accepting Apple Pay since 2015, which makes it a convenient payment option for all their shoppers. That’s honestly pretty rare. Other stores like Walmart and Kroger don’t take Apple Pay. Target does however.

So, if you’re an Apple Pay user, you can pay at Meijer. Just tap your device near the contactless reader, and confirm your purchase with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

Using Apple Pay at Meijer

Now, let’s get into why you should use Apple Pay at Meijer in-store. All you need to do is hold your Apple device near the contactless reader. And your payment is complete!

Apple Pay uses a unique device account number and a one-time security code to process your payment. That may sound complicated. The point is: by paying with Apple Pay, your personal information and credit card numbers remains private. This gives you added peace of mind, knowing that your information is secure.

Using Apple Pay in the Meijer app

You can also use Apple Pay in the Meijer app.

Final thoughts

By using Apple Pay at Meijer, you can save time, enjoy added security, and make your shopping experience more convenient.

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