Does Target take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay, the innovative digital wallet and mobile payment service offered by Apple Inc., enables users to effortlessly complete transactions using their iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, or Macs.

This cutting-edge technology stores users’ debit or credit card information securely and facilitates purchases, both online and in-person at participating stores, with just a touch of a button.

Target, one of the United States’ leading retailers, has been a proud adopter of mobile payment options since 2014 and is, therefore, one of the earliest supporters of Apple Pay.

The ease of Apple Pay at Target

Shopping at Target using Apple Pay is a breeze. To complete an in-store purchase, simply hold your Apple device close to the contactless reader, and confirm the payment using Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

However, before making any transactions, your phone, watch, or iPad should have the latest iOS operating system update, and your debit or credit card information should be added to the Wallet app.

Using Apple Pay at Target’s self-checkout

Along with the cashiers and registers accepting Apple Pay, if you are using one of Target’s many self-checkouts, you can use Apple Pay.

Once you’re finished scanning your items, tap Pay on the register’s screen. If prompted, enter the number of plastic bags you used. Choose either “Card Payment” or “Wallet” (both options work for Apple Pay). On your Apple device, authenticate Apple Pay using Face ID or Touch ID, and hold the device up to the credit card reader to complete your transaction.

Using Apple Pay in the Target app

For those who prefer shopping online or keeping track of purchases and shopping lists, the Target app offers a seamless Apple Pay integration. All you have to do is add the items to your cart, proceed to checkout, select Apple Pay as your payment method, and confirm the transaction with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

Is there a price for this convenience?

Target does not impose any fees for using Apple Pay. The only fees that may apply are the standard fees charged by your debit or credit card issuer.

In summary

Target’s acceptance of Apple Pay provides its customers with a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to make purchases. Whether you’re shopping in-store or using the Target app, Apple Pay integrates seamlessly, making transactions effortless and efficient.

So, the next time you’re shopping at Target, consider the ease and security of using Apple Pay and experience the future of mobile payments.

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